Microsoft Northern California Partner Community Weekly Newsletter – Aug 19

24 Aug

What’s New?!

Microsoft SBS 2003 R2 – Windows Vista – 2007 Office system Partner tour

The big Microsoft Road show for SBS is back in Sacramento!

September 12th, 2006 6 – 9 PM

Microsoft Updates SBS Partners on SBS 2003 R2, Windows Vista and 2007 Microsoft Office system

Like last time, this event will feature information that is not available at a Technet or TS2 event. Fresh stuff. First access to this info.

As an attendee at this free event, a few of the things you will learn first-hand:

  • The benefits and opportunities of SBS 2003 R2
  • Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services Version 3
  • Windows Vista and 2007 Office system features that you need to know about
  • How partners are making money with the Technical Assessment Toolkit ver 2.0
  • Windows Mobile 5.0 Integration with SBS 2003
  • Learn about the free customizable tools from Microsoft for demand generation
  • Microsoft will also be soliciting your feedback

This is a FREE event sponsored by your local SBS User Group and Microsoft Partner Community Manager. Attendees will receive:

Dinner and/or snacks will be served

Windows SBS 2003 R2 Technology Resource DVD with Demo VPCs

A complimentary gift from Microsoft will be given out

An invaluable opportunity to network with other local, successful SBS focused partners (and their local SBS partner Groups)

Helpful information on how SBS Partners make money in the SMB space  

Attend a TS2 Event in your area to get the low-down on great topics

Get ready for Windows Vista
Are your customers prepared for the largest technology release from Microsoft in a decade? See how Windows Vista can fuel your customer’s business growth by enabling them to deliver new, compelling value on a market-ready platform.


Betting big on the 2007 Microsoft Office System

Learn how to demonstrate for customers how the 2007 Microsoft Office system can help them save time, stay organized, and better manage their contact and customer info. You’ll also be introduced to Windows SharePoint Services v3.0 and the new SharePoint Designer, as well as the new XML document format in Word, Excel, and PowerPoint 2007 products.


Build Lifelong Relationships with Small Businesses

We will discuss the Small Business Technology Assessment Toolkit, and demonstrate how it can help you identify sales opportunities and lay the groundwork for long-term relationships with your Small Business customers.


Partnering with Microsoft

The Microsoft Partner Program offers a single, integrated partnering framework that recognizes your expertise, rewards you for the total impact that you have in the technology marketplace, and delivers more value to help your business be successful.  Learn about the new Small Business Specialist Community and other resources that can help educate your staff and be more effective in driving revenue to your business.


Get the Facts 

Leading companies and third-party analysts confirm it – Windows has a lower total cost of ownership and outperforms Linux.  Attendees will learn about available resources to help deal effectively with competitive situations; resources that include marketing and sales materials to help become more successful when addressing open source alternatives.







Tuesday, September 12, 2006



Theater – Regal Hacienda Crossings 20 & IMAX

Sharjeel Noor

Thursday, September 14, 2006



Theater – Regal Natomas Marketplace Stadium 16

Sharjeel Noor


Training Offerings

August 28 & 29 – 2007 Microsoft Office System Core Training

We are offering a two-day course in 18 cities to assist partners in exploring the core of the 2007 Microsoft Office System. The content of this course is purely technical in nature, and provides no marketing or motivation behind product usage. You will interact with the client-side technologies that drive information worker productivity locally and the server-side components that extend productivity to teams, divisions, and partners.
We are specifically targeting the IT Professional who generally works with both Microsoft Windows and Office technologies.


At the conclusion of the workshop, participants will be able to

  • Navigate through the new user interface features and changes within the Office Client Core Components.
  • Utilize the rich functionality and interoperability of products composing the Office System.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the server-side architecture which governs the Office System

This course is part of the Information Worker Competency. More information can be found at 2007 Microsoft Office System Core Training and for other training needs!


Local classes are:




North California

San Jose



Microsoft Solution Selling Training for Partners

As a sales executive, how often do you ask yourself:

How can I help my sales team become consistently more efficient and effective at selling Microsoft solutions?

How can I best prepare to deal with the complex selling challenges I expect this year, as Microsoft introduces Vista and a broad range of other new products?

How can I compete more effectively in different types of selling situations?


If so, you may be interested in an expanded version of the Microsoft Solution Selling for Partners program that we are launching in August exclusively in Microsoft’s Northern California Area.  Microsoft Solution Selling for Partners has received exceptionally good reviews wherever it has been held around the world.  MS research in the USA shows that typical participants in last year’s workshops increased their annual revenues by $15,000 on average.  Some did much better than that.  Because this program will include some significant additional components, we expect that average sales increases per participant will rise, perhaps significantly, above that level.


The core element of the program consists of 3 sessions of the Microsoft Solution Selling for Partners 2-day Instructor Led Training, to be held in Sacramento, Mountain View and San Francisco in late August and September.  A number of additional components will round out the program from September through December:


A special 2-day Instructor-Led Training for Partner Sales Managers – those of you who manage several sellers – to show you how best to manage and coach sellers using the Microsoft Solution Selling for Partners process; you can also participate in a special 1-hour LiveMeeting that will help you use those key coaching and managing tools

A quick and insightful e-Learning program, MSS for Partners Online, which provides an overview of the core concepts taught in the class, and is a vital part of your preparation to get the most value from any of the Instructor-Led workshops

LiveMeetings in the fall with a professional Microsoft Solution Selling for Partners instructor who will refresh and extend your knowledge of the concepts and tools and provide opportunities to discuss and practice key skills taught in the sessions

Several LiveMeetings with your PAM will be able to coach you in handling real live selling opportunities

Recognizing Solution Opportunities – 3 LiveMeetings about selling new products, such as Vista, O12, and CRM

We have space for only 75 seller participants, and 25 Partner Sales Managers, in these sessions.  The cost is $99 per participant.


I encourage you to contact your PAM or me as soon as possible to learn how you can reserve places for yourself and all the other members of your sales team.  I am sure you will all succeed even more in the coming years as a result of your participation in this unique training opportunity.


            Microsoft Location & Dates

q     MSS for Partners – Sellers       Mountain View 8/29-30

q     MSS and Opportunity Coaching for Partner Sales Managers     San Francisco   9/6-7

q     MSS for Partners – Sellers       Sacramento      9/18-19

q     MSS for Partners – Sellers       San Francisco   9/27-28

September 20 – Virtual Partner Briefings – Powered by TS2: Vista’s Administrative Tools Overview

Time: 9am and 4pm Pacific (90 min in length with two identical sessions at 9am and 4pm)

Please join us as we review some of the brand new Administrative Tools included in Windows Vista. We talk about Microsoft’s new BitLocker technology, diagnostics tools and new performance features like ReadyBoost, ReadyDrive and SuperFetch included Windows Vista. We will be demonstrating the Vista Upgrade Advisor, App Compatibility Toolkit, Parental Controls and powerful new Group Policies like QoS, Blocking USB Device Installs and more. Please join us for 90 minutes of Vista discussions and demos!



·         Windows Vista Upgrade Advisor

·         App. Compatibility Toolkit

·         Parental Controls

·         Group Policy

·         Ready Boost

·         Search





Event Title

Abstract Registration Link


9:00 AM

90 min

Virtual Partner Briefings – Powered by TS2: Vista’s Administrative Tools Overview


4:00 PM

90 min

Virtual Partner Briefings – Powered by TS2: Vista’s Administrative Tools Overview (Afternoon Session)

SBSC Exclusive Area

Register for SMB Nation!!  I’ll see you there!!

September 14 – Exclusive Lunch with Margo Day

IAMCP members and SBSC’s lunch with Margo Day, the new West Region VP for SMS&P on September 14th. San Francisco Airport Marriott Hotel 11:30 am – 1:00 pm. Register early, seating limited to 45 partners.

Event Code: 1032304773

Blitz Days!

Blitz Day – Cold Calling events are now firmed up and the schedule is as follows


Sept 19 – SF 9:30 – 3:00

Sept 20 – Sacramento 8:30 – 2:00

Sept 21 – SVC 9:30 – 3:00


Email me if you are interested in participating. You do NOT have to be located in these 3 locations to participate; we will try to find call down lists for participating partners from all geographies. Don’t miss out on this valuable opportunity to drive business and build or improve your cold calling skills.

Reseller News

Microsoft Open Value Rebate Program

 New and Recurring Open Value 2.0


Who’s eligible?

Every US Reseller** that purchases Open Value thru US Distribution is eligible for this Open Value Rebate.

July 1, 2006 – June 29, 2007

FY07-  New Open Value                                            10% rebate on ERP

            Recurring ( Y2, Y3) Open Value                        5% rebate on ERP


How does the rebate work? When do resellers receive their rebate payment?

All resellers that sold Open Value during FY06, have already opted in to the program will be automatically opted in for FY07.


Resellers that did not opt in in FY06

1) Will receive an invitation to the FY07 Open Value Program

2) Must respond to the invitation saying “Yes, I want to participate in the Open Value Rebate Program”

3) A secure URL will be sent to the reseller

4) The reseller must come to the site at least one time and Officially Opt In to the program and validate the mailing address for the rebate check

a) If the address is correct, no further communication is necessary

            b) If the address is incorrect, the reseller must send email to  with the corrected address.

7) Checks are issued quarterly, 45 days after the end of the quarter.

8) Resellers must opt in by October 15, 2006 to receive the November 15, 2006 payment

9) Late opt-ns will not receive the rebate check on schedule. Those opting in past October 15, 2006 for the quarter ended September 29, 2006, will receive their rebate check 30 days past the scheduled date.

**  Note:  US LARs are not eligible for this rebate.


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