Microsoft NEW Business & Tech Assessment Toolkit

07 Feb

We’re very proud to announce the launch of the latest and greatest Microsoft Business & Technology Assessment Toolkit (previously known as the Small Business Technology Assessment Toolkit). Since the previous version, originally conceptualized and spearheaded by Elyn Yao, became a hugely popular tool (it has been downloaded by 30K+ partners plus another 30K+ CDs distributed & a reported deal close rate of almost 90% by 750 survey respondents in the past 10 months approx.), the primary goal was to build upon this initial success to make further enhancements to this extremely valuable sales tool.


This new toolkit is a web-based tool (built using InfoPath 2007 and the .NET Framework) is currently available in English only. Some of the key feature highlights are:


§  Assess not just server, but also desktop and mobile needs of small and midsize customers to enable partners to discover opportunities for their solutions based on not just Windows SBS, but also 2007 Microsoft Office system, Windows Mobile & Windows Vista

§  An extensive Assessment Question Bank (QB) created with the help of 2 partners (both QB & UI of the toolkit was reviewed by a total of 18 partners)

§  11 Standard Templates out of the box to enable partners to easily get jump started with using the toolkit and doing assessments. These standard templates include the ability for partners to assess :

o     Business & Technology needs (for both they can pick from basic, standard or advanced based on customer size and partner expertise with assessments)

o    Scenario-based templates for Messaging and Collaboration, Desktop Deployment, Mobility and an advanced SWOT Analysis

§  Customization & Personalization of assessments, based on a huge ask from partners using the Small Business Technology Assessment Toolkit. This includes:

o    Partners can create their own custom templates from scratch, to tailor the discussion based on customer scenario and/or their business model

o    They can add their own questions e.g. specific to an industry or vertical

o    They can add their contact information and company logo

§  Self-updating feature (thanks to ClickOnce Technology in .NET Framework), so partners will receive automatic updates, if available, every time they launch the toolkit

§  Robust platform based on our own technology & compatible with both Windows Vista & 2007 Microsoft Office system that will enable us to:

o    Make future enhancements such as include additional products or make further user experience improvements more easily

o    Drive partner adoption/use of our products*


*Internal use license for InfoPath 2007 as part of the Office Enterprise Edition will be available for Gold Certified/Certified partners and Action Pack subscribers as part of their January monthly/quarterly boxes respectively.

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