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09 Feb


One percent stacks up nicely.

Earn one percent of every qualifying loan your

customers secure through Microsoft Financing

with the 101 Percent Promotion

To help your customers get everything they need for their businesses

to be competitive, offer them a smart financing plan. Microsoft®

Financing makes technology more affordable for your customers by

giving them loans that cover 100 percent of their solutions, including

software, hardware, and partner services on flexible terms.

Helping your customers leverage their technology buys rewards you

with a stronger customer relationship, leading to bigger and more

frequent sales. And now, from January 1, 2007 through June 30, 2007,

you can earn a little extra reward, too, without having to do more than

you already do. When your customers finance their software, hardware,

and service needs through Microsoft Financing, the 101 Percent

Promotion will give you an additional one percent of the total loan

amount. Now that’s a reward that really adds up.

Build customer relationships.

Improve cash flow. Increase sales.

 Sell a monthly payment and earn one percent more!

          One percent extra up to a maximum of $10,000 (101 Percent Funding Campaign).

          Minimum Enterprise purchase of $500,000 including Microsoft software, hardware, and partner services.

          Offer CAN be combined with other Microsoft Financing promotions unless otherwise stated.

          Only LAR initiated transactions qualify for offer.

          No hidden costs to customer.

          For more information and the complete terms and conditions of this offer, please visit:

          Northern California Microsoft Financing Exec for Enterprise




FAQs of the 101 PERCENT financing promotion


Q. What is the 101 Percent Promotion?

A. For a limited time, Microsoft Financing will pay any Large Account Reseller (LAR) partner one percent (up to a maximum of $10,000 per loan) of the loan amount for every qualifying technology solution they sell utilizing our financing offers. Qualifying loans must close before June 30, 2007.


Q. How does the 101 Percent Promotion work?

A. The 101 Percent Promotion will pay eligible LARs an

additional one percent on the total customer loan amount, up to a maximum of $10,000 on transactions funded by Microsoft Financing and submitted by the LAR. Financing structured with annual billing will be paid the one percent referral fee on the first year’s disbursed loan amount only.


Q. How do I get paid the 101 percent?

A. The payment will come at the time of funding of the transaction. It will be paid separately per your instructions to Microsoft Financing. The additional one percent is not  paid with the Enterprise Software Advisor (ESA) fee payment.  Generally, LARs can expect payment within 24 hours after Microsoft Financing receives the signed and completed documents and your customer verifies delivery.


Q. Who is eligible to participate in this promotion? Can all partners take advantage of it?

A. This promotion is only available to Microsoft-designated LARs in countries where Microsoft Financing has a presence.

Microsoft Financing can provide a list of designated LARs for each country where Microsoft Financing is available.


Q. Which transactions are eligible for the terms of

this promotion?

A. Funded LAR transactions that include only Select, Open, and/or Level A1, A2, and B EA agreements will be eligible for the terms of the 101 Percent Promotion campaign. LAR transactions with Level C and D EA agreements and transactions submitted directly by Microsoft are not eligible for this campaign. Transactions that include both EA Level C or D agreements and EA Level A1, A2, or B agreements will not be eligible for this campaign. (See the following two questions for more information.)


Q. How does Microsoft define a LAR funded transaction?

A. A funded transaction shall be defined as any LAR-initiated deal financed by Microsoft within any specific credit approval or within such credit approval as amended. Multiple deals contained within the same credit approval will be considered a single Microsoft transaction, and will be subject to the $10,000 (may vary depending on funding GEO) limit. However, additional deals with the same customer would be considered

separate funded transactions and eligible for a new $10,000 limit (may vary depending on funding GEO), as long as there are separate credit approvals.


Q. How does Microsoft define an EA Level A1, A2,

or B transaction?

A. An Enterprise Agreement (EA) is a Microsoft licensing agreement for customers with centralized purchasing who want to standardize their entire organization on Microsoft technology and maintain an information technology infrastructure on a standard platform of Microsoft software. EAs are split into different levels based on the number of licenses that are purchased. The number of seats in each level are as follows: A1: 250-749 seats; A2: 750-2,399; B: 2,400-5,999; C: 6,000-14,999; and D: 15,000-plus seats. Please contact Microsoft or a Microsoft Financing salesperson if you have questions about whether a customer falls under the EA level C or D designation.


Q. Is the 101 percent funding available on the entire IT solution or just the Microsoft portion of the financed solution?

A. The entire IT solution (software, hardware, and partner services) is eligible for the promotion as long as there is one Microsoft technology component to the solution. The fee is calculated based on the total amount of the customer’s loan, except in the case of annual billing licensing transactions as noted above.


Q. How long does this promotion last?

A. This offer is available on transactions with signed loan

documents received by Microsoft Financing on or before

June 30, 2007.

Q. Who should the LAR contact with questions about this promotion?

A. Please contact your local customer service center as listed at:


Terms and Conditions

• The 101 Percent Promotion is valid through June 30, 2007.

• The 101 Percent Promotion offers 101 percent funding of Microsoft-financed transactions to Microsoft LAR partners.

 • The promotion provides an incentive for LARs to offer financing to their end customers. Only LAR-initiated transactions qualify for the 101 Percent Promotion. Transactions with EPG list clients

are excluded from this offer.

• Financing that is structured with annual billing, such as EAs, pays only the one percent referral fee on the first year’s loan amount. For example, a LAR that refers a $300,000 EA will only receive a referral fee payment ($1,000) on the first year’s billing ($100,000).

• There is a maximum referral fee of $10,000 per total loan amount.


For more information and the complete terms and conditions about how you can help your customers take advantage of this offer, go to:








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