Microsoft Partner Program alert: You may need customer references!

12 Feb

It’s that time of year again – time for Microsoft Partner Program reenrollment.  Most partners need to focus on renewing their customer references, which may expire on your anniversary date and impact the status of your competencies in MSPP.  Call us for help at 1-800-SOL-PROV or email  We’ve also added a new resource this year based on feedback from our partners, the MSPP Experts team. If you need more of a consultative discussion on how to meet the points requirements, what competencies to focus on or just a deeper discussion on the program, reach out to the MSPP Experts team at 877.254.6825 or


Below are the steps to renew. If you run into any challenges in the process you can contact the Partner Program Service center at the number below. 


If you are qualified, this process will take about 15 minutes!  To review your status follow the below steps:

1.       Log into your partner profile by visiting and click the “sign in button”(you will either need to be the primary partner program admin for your organization or have admin rights to view and update your firms status in the program  )If for some reason you are no longer the correct contact please make sure this action is assigned to someone at your company.  If you need to change the primary contact for your firm for the Microsoft partner program, please contact the Regional Service Center (phone below)

2.       Once signed in, if you have admin rights you’ll see the yellow box (View your membership account). Click on this then on Membership Center.

3.       Once in the Membership center you’ll see a note under the “messages” section indicating that your firm is now in the re-enrollment period. This should include a link to start the re-enrollment process.

4.       If you don’t currently have the points required to re-enroll (50 for Certified, 120 for Gold), review the Partner Points summary by clicking on the Membership Center drop down , the Partner Points.  This will show you a summary of your current partner points and the maximum you can achieve in various categories.  Keep in mind that


Tip: Based on our analysis, the area that most partners will need to focus is on renewing their customer references. Customer references last approximately 2 years.  This year is the 2 year point since we implemented this requirement in the Partner Program so a bulk of our partners will need to update their references to renew back into the program.




Microsoft Partner Program Hotline (Regional Service Center)- 800-SOLPROV –  For any questions or issues related to the Microsoft Partner Program and Re-Enrollment.

Email Regional Service Center: 48 hour response time


MSPP Experts: A new resource to provide MSPP competency coaching and guidance as well as answering general MSPP questions.  The Experts will also provide MSPP re-enrollment coaching, tips & tricks for partners: 877.254.6825 or


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