Microsoft, CompUSA To Pass Opportunities To Small-Biz Partners

13 Mar

Microsoft has struck a deal with CompUSA to offer the services of Microsoft’s Small Business Specialist Community (SBSC) to CompUSA’s small-business customers.

CompUSA will now refer clients that need additional services or support outside its expertise to the 3,750 Microsoft SBSC partners in the United States. The SBSC partners must first register as a CompUSA TechPro Business Provider. (I couldn’t find the site to register, may not be up yet.)

Microsoft SBSC partners will complement CompUSA’s current TechPro Business Providers program, according to a CompUSA spokeswoman. Specific arrangements will depend on the local market and the specific opportunity but could include installing NAS, VPN or other IT solutions, she said.

CompUSA and MIcrosoft could not estimate the potential revenue opportunity for SBSC partners but said the services leads would be generated through CompUSA’s remaining 103 stores in 39 states, as well as online and telemarketing sales from CompUSA, according to a Microsoft spokeswoman.

This is the list of stores I show staying open in my zip:

  1. Emeryville  (17 Miles)
  2. San Francisco (Downtown)  (24 Miles)
  3. San Bruno  (24 Miles)
  4. San Rafael  (35 Miles)
  5. Santa Rosa  (66 Miles)
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