Three Ways to Win Buy-in in the First Three Minutes

28 Mar

We hope you enjoy this extract of the article by Sam Horn, author of "POP! Stand Out in Any Crowd." If you had a chance to see Sam at our Entrepreneurial Skills Conference on Feb. 8 – 9, you already know she is a consummate speaker who combines wit, warmth, and wisdom to win over every audience member.


Are you preparing a presentation? Seeking approval for a priority project? Requesting venture capital for your startup? Introducing a product idea? Did you realize your success depends on whether you capture your audience’s favorable interest in the first three minutes?


People today are bb. They’re busy (they have dozens of priorities competing for their attention) and they’re bored (they’ve heard and seen it all – or at least, they think they have). If you don’t quickly prove you’re worth their valuable time and attention, they’ll start checking their watches (or blackberries).


Win buy-in with a “Jerry Maguire” opening by fulfilling “the three requirements of the first three minutes of any presentation.”


Read all of Sam’s tips on how to have “‘em at hello” by downloading your copy of the March Newsletter at (see left hand menu)

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