Get $2000 – Easy Money!

21 May


Enterprise Search $2000 Partner Deployment Services Subsidy Offer


Exclusively for QuickStart Partners
Get $2000 instant cash subsidy toward your enterprise search deployment services. The new Microsoft® Office SharePoint Server 2007 for Search empowers people to find information and expertise anywhere in the organization. And, it enables IT Professionals like you to manage, secure, scale and extend search as an integrated part of a broader information management infrastructure.

Build repeatable search business and earn cash for every deployment!
Customers who buy the new Microsoft® Office SharePoint Server 2007 from March 1 – June 1, 2007 earn $2000 toward your services. With an enterprise search solution from Microsoft, your customers can search the internet and find information and expertise anywhere in their organization. You customize the solution to suit their unique business.

QuickStart Partner Exclusive: Customer awareness about this promotion is done exclusively through partners who have completed Quickstart training. Customer-ready copy is made available to you.

When Customers Buy:

  • Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007
  • Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 for Search (Standard or Enterprise Edition) NOTE: Server only, CALs do not count toward purchase

You earn: $2000 per deployment
The $2,000 subsidy can be used to cover the full implementation of a basic Search solution using Microsoft Office SharePoint for Search or a portion of a more complex solution based on Microsoft Office SharePoint 2007.

Eligible Partners:

  • Offer good only to partners actively registered in the Microsoft QuickStart Program located in the 50 United States (includes D.C.), Canada (excluding Quebec), United Kingdom, European Union, Australia and New Zealand. 

Eligible Customers:

  • Any size customer who purchases the above products is eligible.
  • Any customer may qualify for the incentive, but typical customers for this solution have existing IT and information or knowledge workers across the organization and require an enterprise-ready, secure, manageable and integrated solution cross their existing infrastructure.

    See terms and conditions for more information

To Qualify for Leads:

  • Partners complete the FREE Quickstart program which starts with as little as one hour of online training plus registration
  • Partners should be able to complete the services on-site
  • Complete the deployment within 45 days of subsidy award

Get started! Promote this exclusive offer to your customers!

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