No More Cold Calling

14 Jun

Why does referral selling work so much better than cold calling?






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I could spend the next few paragraphs telling you why, but instead I’m going to refer you to two of the Web’s best resources for salespeople.

These sites feature articles from many of the world’s most prominent sales authorities: – the Internet’s premier sales Web site, featuring more than 500 articles, blogs, podcasts (check out mine), and videos. Salesopedia is featuring one of my recent articles, There is No Such Thing as a Warm Call. If you sign up for the free Salesopedia newsletter, you will be entered in a drawing to win my book, No More Cold CallingTM !

Top10Sales The Web’s best location where time-strapped business captains, sales professionals, and publishers can locate the top sales articles published every week. Each week this site researches and evaluates sales articles submitted to all the main article communities, then culls them until arriving at the ten best pieces of work as judged by a panel of experts. As one of the panelists, I can tell you that making these selections is no easy task. While on this Web site look for my article, Why is Everybody Buying Lists?

My goal is to give people information that will help them get more business. Both of these sites provide fantastic information for anyone in sales. Visit them, then send me a note and tell me how the articles helped you make more sales!


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