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Reseller Offer

Offer from D&H for SBSC Partners


If you are looking for a Microsoft licensing distributor and your company is a Microsoft Small Business Specialist, D&H has an offer that you may want to consider.  They are offering a D&H credit of up to $200 on your first Microsoft Licensing order from them.  This offer runs through December 31, 2007, so be sure to take a look at the offer information to find out more. 

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Partner Program Renewal Information

Submit Customer References Today to Keep Current in MSPP and Make Reenrollment Easy! 


Guide to Enter Customer References 

Five Minute Re-Enrollment Demo

Guide to Associate MCPs

MSPP 101 Series  

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REMINDER – we have $$ to give to our Partners!!

We have $$$$ for you – Business Incentive Funds (BIF).

Qualifying Products

·       Exchange Server 2007 + Windows Server 2003

·       Exchange Server 2007 + OCS

·       SharePoint 2007 + Office 2007

·       SharePoint 2007 + Core CAL


Payout is given to the end customer in the form of a check with the partners name written on it. The customer can use this check to buy products, software or services from the named partner.

Payout is based on a 3% investment ratio for all qualifying combinations in a deal, where multiple combinations exist (e.g. Exchange & SharePoint) the value of that reoccurring product is counted only once.

Email your PAM, TPAM, or PCM

Don’t know who to contact?

AK, OR, UT, WA –

Northern CA and NV –

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Updated SBS Promotion – Mobility Add

Highly recommend you familiarize yourself with this new promotion!!
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Selling with Microsoft Infrastructure Optimization

Attention Microsoft US Partners:

You’re invited to attend Selling with Microsoft Infrastructure Optimization

To secure your seat today!

Register Now!

11/13/2007 – 11/13/2007

9:00 AM – 5:00 PM

San Francisco, CA


This one day workshop will provide partners with the tools and techniques required to leverage Infrastructure Optimization to increase their sales pipelines. This workshop will show delegates how to identify new opportunities using IO as well as how IO provides the basis of selling high value solutions to customers. Delegates will be taken through a highly interactive workshop that ends with the delivery of an IO briefing to the customer and the definition of a Strategic Technology Roadmap.

Target Audience

This workshop is focused on identifying new opportunities and selling the business value of Microsoft solutions in the Mid-Market and Enterprise space and so would be most applicable to sales and pre-sales consultants as well as those involved in bids and licensing administration.

Learning Objectives

  • Increase the value of your pipeline by using IO  to better qualify current opportunities as well as identify new ones.
  • Highlight the changes to the FY08 IO models.
  • Show you how to integrate your sales and marketing efforts with the FY08 Infrastructure Customer Campaigns to be able to execute in your accounts.
  • Apply IO in order to align customer business requirements to IT Solutions
  • Deliver an IO briefing to motivate the value of IO to your customer
  • Build a customer account plan for FY08 and beyond

Show you where to find the most relevant resources to increase your sales effectiveness.

Register Now!

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Open License Renewals Workshop

One of the most important opportunities before you is continuing the great relationship you’ve started with customers by helping them lock in the valuable benefits of Software Assurance through Microsoft Volume Licensing.

To assist you in managing your Open License agreements scheduled to expire during the next ten months, we’ve put together a comprehensive program that we’ll describe on the following webcast.

Open License Renewals Workshop

Practical Advice for Renewal Recapture, Generating New Annuity and Recurring Revenue

Friday, October 26, 2007 9:00 AM Pacific Time (US & Canada), 60 minutes

Presented by John Hermann, Partner Community Manager, Microsoft Corporation

 Are you missing an opportunity to drive more revenue as you work with customers to renew their expiring Open License agreements?

Are you having difficulty coming up with creative ways to engage customers with renewal conversations?

If you answered yes to one or both of the preceding questions, this online workshop is for you.

Please join us to learn how you can:

        receive a concise report of your upcoming Open License renewals,

        engage customers in meaningful discussions about the benefits of renewing their agreements

        grow your deal size by adding complimentary solutions to the existing agreement

        utilize the relevant resources from Microsoft to help drive renewals including an incredible time-saver to help generate customer-ready licensing proposals

        learn how Microsoft Financing can help you close more business

        build additional annuity for more recurring revenue

Who should attend:

        Microsoft Partners with who sell Open License, particularly those with expiring agreements

        Sales managers, sales representatives, account managers and other roles that sell Open License

About your presenters:

John Hermann, Partner Community Manager for the Southwest Area has been with Microsoft for 9 years, and has held various roles in Sales, Marketing and Partner Management. John is known both inside and outside of Microsoft as a champion in partner development, and will be joined by one of Microsoft’s Licensing Specialists – Chad Becker. Chad is responsible for driving volume license sales in the Small & Midmarket segment, and is considered one of Microsoft’s licensing experts with over 7 years of experience w/MS and the reseller channel.



To participate in this workshop, please Register Online at: click here or call 1-877-MSEVENT

Reference Event ID# 1032356486.

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Getting to “No!” By Peter Felsmann, MPS Associate Consultant

If we don’t change direction soon, we’ll end up where we’re going. – Professor Irwin Corey

A lot has been written about how to get to "Yes!" Think compromise, negotiation, Win/Win outcomes, etc. This article is about how to get to "No!"

From a very early age, we are subjected to conditioning that says that in order to be good, we must always do what others want us to do and say yes to multiple demands. As adults, this puts us in a very challenging place, since it is impossible to please everyone all of the time. Indeed, most of us are so overwhelmed just trying to do what others ask of us that it’s difficult to fulfill what we need and want. Whether we are aware of it or not, this programming affects our productivity. So here we are, wanting and trying to do everything: please our bosses, our colleagues, our direct reports, all while being responsible parents, devoted spouses, and good children. Oh, if only we could! But we truly can’t.

Pause to let this sink in. We truly can’t. We have endless to-do lists and a finite number of hours in each day. There will always be more to do than hours available. You will never, ever, ever get it All done!

Consider how you currently spend your time: between sleeping, eating, working, commuting, grooming, cleaning, errands, etc., most people are tied up 21-23 hours a day. That leaves one hour left over. SIXTY MINUTES! One hour to: workout, play with our children, romance our spouse, walk the dog, meditate, read, learn a foreign language, play an instrument, paint a masterpiece, fix the broken widget, and of course watch Oprah.

Pretty depressing, huh? Go ahead, grab some tissue and have yourself a good cry.

Ready to continue? I have found that one of the MOST CHALLENGING things to change in life is the compulsion to say yes. However, doing what you love (what is meaningful) REQUIRES you to start saying "no." Saying "no" to things like: people asking if they can talk to you for "two minutes"; BlackBerry/PDA rings; email on evenings and weekends; phone calls during dinner with family, etc.

I know, I know you’re likely thinking that it’s your JOB to be available; you don’t want to be perceived as a "loner"; you need to be a "team player", etc, etc. That’s your unconscious belief system talking.


People are usually fine with leaving voicemail, as long as you get back to them within 8 work hours.
• Drive-by interrupters will respect your time MORE if you kindly respond with a "No problem, send me an email and I’ll get back to you after 3 pm."
• Your friends and co-workers will understand and respect that you value your family time.
• And if they DON’T, why would you want to please someone that doesn’t care about you and your family’s highest good?

To be clear, I’m NOT advocating obnoxiousness. I AM saying that it takes practice and love to create the boundaries that allow for causing and generating positive change. Love? Yup, good ole’ fashion Love.
L-O-V-E. Amore. The thing is folks, saying "No" is really saying "Yes" to the things that are meaningful to you.


If you only had 12 months to live and you didn’t want to quit your job, what would you make a priority? Nobody ever said on their death-bed, "Jeez, if ONLY I could answer more emails before I go." Get Clear on your Meaningful Objectives.

1) Be "Selfish" with Your Time. I put that in quotation marks because by being "selfish" you actually can be GENEROUS with those things that are a priority.

2) Communicate Your Intention to Your Coworkers to increase productivity by being more aware of interruptions and ask for their support. Ever been to a dog training class? If yes, then you know that the one getting trained is the OWNER! Why? Because the dog responds to the owner’s behaviour. So does everyone else in your life. You constantly train others on how to relate to you.

3) Eliminate Temptations. Get rid of the candy jar on your desk. Turn off the blinking envelope that appears with new email. Set IM on Invisible or Busy.

4) Practice, Practice, Practice. You’ve been running your conditioning for decades, right? Give yourself a break and know that it will feel weird and uncomfortable to create the change. But keep going and pretty soon you’ll feel lighter and more balanced knowing that you are handling your objectives generously.

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