08 Jan

Going back to our 1st days, here is a list of most of the animals we’ve seen. There are so many we couldn’t find in the wonderful animal book Bonnie loaned to us (thankfully we had this animal dictionary for africa, it helped us identify so many animals we’d never seen before)
Elephant bull, giraffe, impala (they call them "McDonald’s here, one on every corner!!), lilac breasted roller, monkey, LEOPARD, helmet head guinea hen, zebra, swainson’s francolin, 2 elephant’s swimming, badger, brown snake eagle, tawny eagle, duikers, kudu, hyenas, water buffalo, horn bill (red & yellow), spoonbill, long tailed shrike, steenbok, egyptian geese, warthogs, marabou stork, woodland kingfisher, kite, terapin, redbilled quelea, burchell glossy starling, river crinum (plant), plover, tortoise, grey heron, european roller, dung beetle, jackel, baboon, LIONS, starling (which kind??), iguana, dabchick, white backed vulture, red dragonflies, leopard tortoise, AND two male hippos fighting over a pond.
Along the way and at other parks:
spectacled weaver, ostrich, ibis, blue crane, vervet, lemur, spider money (at Monkeyland)
Cango Wildlife Ranch: cheetahs, got to pet some baby cheetahs
Walked some elephants, leading them by their trunk at an elephant sanctuary, got to touch their ears, front and back, the bottom of their feet, see their teeth, and learned all about their anatomy.
Buffelfontein Private Game Reserve: Nubian wild ass, blue wildebeest, springbok, red hartebeest, bontebok, eland, caracal (went in a cage with them and petted them like cats), lion cubs (watched 4 cubs and mom get chickens for dinner from less than one foot away – separated by a fence, thankfully since mom a little protective)
Joe woke me us at 5:30 am to watch a pair of Cape Foxes follying around the pond outside our accomocation – well worth seeing them with their very bushy tails chasing each other and romping. Just a bit later a small herd of young wilderbeest decided to drink at the pond and then just hang out.
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