January 8th

09 Jan

Taking off from Citrusdal we drove about 60 km to Clanwilliam (notice the Scottish name, they immigrated to this area). In the late 1800 they discovered a plant with a tasty leaf – Rooibos. This the area in the world this plant grows and is harvested and distributed worldwide. They collect the leaves and lay them on large flat areas where they ferment and then they dry. Went to the factory and tasted many different flavors and products.
Driving due west we came to Lambert’s Bay, a very old fishing village. There we visited Bird Island where 10s of 1000s gannets live – just amazing to see so many birds in one place. Looking in our DK tour book we found the name and location of an open air restaurant. Following the directions the road went from paved to dirt and no houses in site, but we believed ….. in 5 min we came to Muisbosskern Open Air Restaurant around 1 PM – lots of cars in the parking lot. Walking in the main guy told us we were not too late – it was a seafood buffet with crayfish, 5 different types of grilled fish which all tasted great but no idea what they were, corn on the cob, sweet potatoes, chips (french fries), salad, fresh slabs of bread which you sliced yourself with marmelade and butter. So the feast began. As we were eating the main guy brought us each another crayfish (size of small lobster and similar in taste and texture). Vanessa and I were full and went to sample the fruit and out comes the meat much to Joe’s delite. Lamb, chickens, steak, and more. In addition, they had a vanilla custard to put with the fruit salad and some kind of honey pastry. We rolled out of there finally around 3 PM and since we came an hour late were only charged the meal without crayfish.
Our GPS directed us to a toll road for the shortest distance south, turned out to be a very well maintained gravel road following the coast and taking us to Paternoster. Paternoster is an another small fishing resort but all the building are white washed, reminded me of Greece. there we walked the beach for hours collecting seashells, dined on the beach and stay at a very nice B&B 20 sec from the beach.
Our last stop on this outing was to stay one night at Buffelfontein Private Reserve. our rooms were 1st class in a building with only 5 condos with 2 rooms each, each facing a small body of water and with thatched roofs. I know i’ve mentioned, it but they have the thatched roofs everywhere, on all kinds of buildings.
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