Food in South Africa

10 Jan

most of the food we’ve had has been very delicious. They are real meat eaters here, so Joe is in heaven. he has tried several of the local dishes like Bobotie (we joked it’s the ZA version of Haggis but not really). The seafood has been very fresh and well prepared. Even had pizza several times and very thin crust with so many selection of toppings it’s hard to pick. They are many fast food places and everything does have a lot of sugar (like ketchup is much sweeter) and chips only come with flavors, couldn’t find any plain. You can get everykind of soda US and European, same for candies.
Breakfast is always granola with yoghurt followed by hot breakfast which is selection of eggs and meats with mushrooms and tomatoes (the English influence).
Prices are rediculously low outside of the cities and very high in. Wine the same. AH, yes, Wine. in one word Wonderful. we’ve tried to taste a ZA orginal – Pinotage – everywhere. and since i love reds, i’m in heaven. then the Ports!!! another big sigh of wonderful ymmy flavors. Port tasting was so amazing with up to 12 different kinds available in one tasting experience.
luckily we stopped at a champagne cellar and tasted and purchaseĀ a bottle of sparkling wine (can’t really call champagne since not from that region in France) called "Claudia". That’s Alex’s wife’s name so she was very surprised when we brought this back for her from one of our trips.
Strangely we haven’t seen hardly any blacks at any of the restaurants or B&B’s we’ve been to, very few colored (asian, indian, etc) either. It feels strange since the majority of people are black not to see them in restaurants. At the malls (of which there are many, and we went to a couple) it was very mixed crowds.
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