I’m Guilty

30 Jan

I’ve been thinking about this for quite some time but it really hit me hard while travleing in South Africa – we are all very guilty of being way too opionated. Yes, I’m guilty of this, too. And, I bet you are, too. Hearing our South African driver talk about the blacks and hearing his prejudices, I realized it would be very hard to convince this person otherwise. Well, in thinking about it, I’m the same. Shame on me. I’m a democrat and when I hear about anything the Republican party does I turn up my nose. I’m right and they are wrong, but it’s not that simple.  Just because someone is a Republican doesn’t make all their idea flawed, I just don’t agree with some of them. But shouldn’t I be educating myself more, should I ask how their thinking, ideas came about – what’s the background, experience, reasoning. Someone mentions Sarah Palin and I turn off my ears, I’m deaf. Well, maybe I should read her book, understand what appeals to so many people; understand why we differ. I’m sure the opposing party (and this doesn’t just apply to politics) should do the same. Otherwise, we’re just like the Nazis or any other zealots, we can’t and shouldn’t be the same BUT we have to listen better and be more open to opposite opinions; ultimately finding a middle ground. That is one of the reasons I think our country is in the quagmire it’s in today. We all need to stop – listen – ask why, how, what – and acknowledge our fellow women’s thoughts, feelings, and reasoning.
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