In Greece!

25 May

Well, going back in time— our day in London was amazing. Arrived around 4:30, took Express Train to Hilton downtown, getting there at 5:30. Checked in, purchased theatre tickets, showered, changed, caught cabby and made it to the New LondonTheatre at 7:26, with 4 minutes to spare!!
War Horse was everything we expected and much more. After 5 minutes, the life sized horse puppets and other animals became real. Very engaging story about WW I; horse is sold off to go to war, boy follows and tries to find his long lost friend. Cried at the end, but there is a happy ending. In reality, over 10 million people and multiple millions horses died during this war.
From London flight to Brussels. Visited Magritte Art Museum. You may know him from the Man with the Bowler Hat from the Thomas Crown Affair.
Also we had some exceptional food; more later. Partied with Gisela’s great neighbors and friends. Walked a lot – everyday in woods near Tervuren and also at park near Africa Museum with large elephant statues all over the place.
Now in Greece!! Staying at Hilton with view of Acropolis, heading to some island tomorrow – finalizing tonight. Ate dinner and drank Ouzo while watching the sun set by the Parthenon.
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