More on Paros!

02 Jun

Wow, what a day! Rented quad ATV’s – one for each of us. In one day we were able to completely circle the island. These machines were so much fun. Loud, yes, but may have to buy one. No shifting gears (reason they like to rent them out to us motorcycle neophites).
We drove off around 9 am, returning about 6 pm – traveling counter-clockwise around the island. Saw incredible views of crystal clear, brilliant blue water; amazing homes on hillsides with infinity pools. Tried to go to Butterfly Valley but they weren’t open yet – darn! Saw so many little chapels, each with domed roofs; appears every farm has their own chapel. Plus, along the roads there are little monuments with pictures of people who perished at that particular place; in addition to pictures there were other momentos and flasks of olive oil, laterns, and other such items.
Hillsides are divides by miles and miles of stone walls. Some look ancient, others brand new. The main road took us through several little fishing villages where we stopped to admire the little harbour and beach at each. Plus, of course, we have to stop late morning to visit a local bakery; had feta filled pastry (philo dough).
(Yesterday we had spinach filled on the ferry for lunch).
Climbed up to another monastery which was once again closed.
Near Naousa we read there was an acropolis with over 35,000 stones; so up we climbed (this trip involves lots of walking and climbing – we love it!!) over huge granite slabs and through prickly bushes up several hundred feet. Great view of the bay of Naousa, lots of small fishing boats. Oh, yeah, in the city of Naousa they were drying huge octopi on stands by the wharf.
To finish the trip, we dropped of our ATV’s and walked over to the beach and took a nice swim in the sea.
Dinner was more Greek food – ha, ha!! Joe has been enjoying the amazing variety of meat dishes – souvlaki, kebabs, etc. I’ve been sticking to lots of vegis like eggplants, zucchini, fava beans, rocket, lentils, lots of salads. BUT we have to have dessert since they bring it with the bill (they didn’t do this on Santorini, too touristy) – it’s free so we can’t pass it up!!
Last night we had dinner at one of the best restaurants of anywhere we’ve eaten, it was sort of like Greek Fusion. Unusual pairings – rocket, pear, cucumber, capers and very thin slices of parmesan cheese. In fact, we went back this evening just for dessert and after dinner drinks. Ah, Joe had Grappa – now we’ve done the major drinks – Ouzo and Metaxa. Have to have some Retsina now still.
Tomorrow catching ferry to Mykonos. Still have to pick hotel. We’ve really lucked out just booking the day before we arrive somewhere. Not too crowded here yet – would hate to be here in July/August – hot and crowded.
Want to see Delos – more about this after we’ve been there!~!

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