On the Road Again!

14 Jun

At the Medford airport waiting for 6:05 flight to Denver, then on to Greenville SC. Hoping with this travel, I’ll have time to catch up on our impressions of Greece. We finally resorted to handwriting notes since we just didn’t want to take the time to find an Internet Cafe. Next trip we’re considering getting a NetBook!! Reason to play with some new technology.
We’ve not even been back a week and it feels like it’s been several since we were sitting on the balcony of the Athens Hilton that first night trying to decide which island to hop to first. Luck was with us, we were upgraded to the executive floor with incredible views of the Acropolis with lots of food and drinks!! Joe was responsible for major decisions on this trip, so using his impeccable logic decided to start on one of the furthest away islands Crete. But you know all this. I’m writing this to refresh my memory.
Sitting on the 11th floor balcony looking down at the traffic, we felt we could have been in New York City – there are seas of yellow cabs. The cabs outnumber the regular cars 2:1.
Darn, flight is being called. So, this will be documentation with interruptions!! More later.
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