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Las Vegas

here for work…spending lots of time inside conference rooms but when I’m out and about it is so interesting to watch people here. seems like lots of foreigners visiting; wonder what kind impression they leave sin city with. during the day not too many people around but nights bring them out, on the sidewalks, in the malls, and of course in the casinos.

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Phenomenal Fall

this has been the most beautiful fall we’ve enjoyed in years. The colors are just amazing; but even more special are the number of trees I’ve seen that are multi color; green on the leaves closest to the trunk transitioning to yellow and then with a red halo. Unfortunately, I see most of these when I’m driving along the Williams Hwy with no camera along. I did stop once to take pictures with my phone camera, but did do the beauty justice. And then, the rainbows, have you ever seen so many in fall? Glorious.

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