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Another Way to Stay Connected (Up to Date)

I’ve been receiving the Business Insights newsletter from Microsoft and have found it to be really helpful. Business Insights delivers valuable information and real-world examples of how small and midsize businesses are using technology to drive their success. Go here to subscribe:

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Stay Informed

Frequently partners ask me how to eliminate the noise from Microsoft, I recommend you limit the newsletters you sign up for (you can manage this at Do recommend the regional and the training newsletters.
Plus, do plan on attending the monthly West Region Partner call every 3rd Friday. Sign up at

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Hard Getting Back in the Saddle

it’s been harder than I remember posting updates to my blog on a regular bases – going on vacation since I restarted doesn’t help!
Went to Chicago to visit with my daughter who is in Orthotics programs program at Northwestern. Living one block from Lake Michigan and two blocks from campus. Chicago is great place to visit – Field Museum, Aquarium, Frank Lloyd Wright home in Oak Park, and more. BUT, certainly not used to the noise in a big city!!!
Back at work now and busy planning for our Fiscal Year (FY) 12 – Cloud is big. My territory has changed and I’m not back to covering Northern CA/NV. My first trip back to CA will be Sept 12 – 16 to meet with our VAR Champions Club and Top VAR partners.

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Office Hours – Office365

Held “Office Hours” session on Office365 today for over 50 partners. This was a session intended to clear up general questions about this new product. Here are some resources as follow-up from this session.

Sign up to be a Microsoft Cloud Partner –

To claim Office 365 IUR (Internal Use Rights) benefit and to get access to “partner features” to send out trial invitations and purchase offers –

Office 365 Partner Resources (Partner Opportunity, Sales/Marketing, Technical) – (Click on “Office 365”).

Office 365 main webpage –

Google Compete –

Service Descriptions
 Office 365 Service Descriptions (
(Link includes Identity SD, Office Web App SD, Office Pro Plus SD, Lync Online SD, Enterprise Support SD, Exchange Online SD, SharePoint Online SD and Security SD)

Office 365 Online Community (seach the Microsoft Partner site for specific links on these topics)
Office 365 Website

 Community Site
 Office 365 Help Wiki
 Office 365 Blog
 Office 365 Forum

 Office 365 Security Whitepaper
 Global Foundation Services

Technical Resources
 Office 365 Deployment Guide (PDF)
 Office 365 Deployment Guide (Online Version)
 Exchange Online Developer Center
 Exchange Online PowerShell Cmdlets
 Windows Powershell Cmdlets
 SharePoint Online Developer Resource Center
 SharePoint Online Developer Guide
 SharePoint Online: An Overview for Developers

Other Resources
 Office 365 Trial Guide
 MS Online Services Service Level Agreement (SLA)

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I’m Back

After 16 years at Microsoft, I’m continually surprised that I still absolutely love what I do! So, my job is changing slightly and I’ll be back to teaming closely with resellers in NorCal; of course, always here to help any Microsoft partner.

Well, if you know me and know my personality, you’ll know I feed off of other people’s energy (vampire like, ha, ha) – interacting with others makes me happy. The fact that I get to spend time with many Microsoft partners who have become close acquaintances and friends over the years just really pleases me. Selfishly, getting to travel to the Sacramento and Bay Area also always me time to visit my family and other dear friends too.

So I have to make a confession, as much as I like visiting NorCal, I always can’t wait to get home to our So. Oregon paradise – lots of trees, quiet, little traffic………..etc.

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