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12 Mar

Partner Sales Guide & FAQs


Offer period: March 5 – June 30 2012    

  1. How does The Big Easy Offer 8 fit into my sales planning?

The Big Easy Offer 8 provides an added incentive for your small and mid-sized US customers to switch to annuity agreements, as the subsidy payouts on annuity licenses are three times that of non-annuity licenses.

In addition, the Big Easy Offer 8 includes online services, so it provides you with a great lever to transition your customers to the cloud.

2) What products are included in The Big Easy Offer 8?

The Big Easy Offer 8
includes popular Microsoft products such as Windows 7, Office, SharePoint, Dynamics CRM, SQL Server, Windows Server and Exchange Server. The Big Easy Offer 8 also includes Office 365, Dynamics CRM Online and Windows Intune. The complete list of qualifying products and services will be made available in the Offer Terms and Conditions on (from March 5, 2012).

3) How should I position The Big Easy Offer 8 to my customers?

The Big Easy Offer 8 lets customers earn partner subsidies, which they can use to purchase additional software licenses and associated services. For instance, your customer can use the partner subsidies for deployment services for new solutions, like Windows Server® 2008 R2 and Windows Small Business Server 2011 Premium Add-on. Customers have a limited time (March 5 to June 30, , 2012 inclusive) to take advantage of this Offer.

  1. How can I use The Big Easy Offer 8 in conjunction with other in-market customer offers?


The Big Easy Offer 8 can be combined with the following concurrent pricelist discount promotions. For more information on these promotions, visit

  • Visual Studio MSDN Attach promotion: ​Qualified customers receive a 35% discount on L&SA when they purchase Visual Studio Professional with an MSDN subscription; a 15% discount when they purchase Visual Studio Premium with an MSDN subscription (this promo ends on March 31, 2012).
  • Turn On Lync Voice promotion: Qualified customers receive a 20% discount on the Plus CAL or Plus CAL for ECAL
  • Forefront Online Protection for Exchange promotion: Qualifying customers receive a 40% discount on their monthly subscription
  • The Dynamics CRM Online ‘Cloud For Less’ promotion: This promotion provides customers with a $150 cash back per subscription, for a minimum of 50 and maximum of 500 seats



  1. Will there be a calculator as in the past and will it include Online Services?

Yes, the Big Easy Offer 8 calculator will be made available on at offer launch (on March 5, 2012). Please note that Microsoft provides the online calculator solely for informational purposes. The actual partner subsidy dollars earned through the purchase of Microsoft software under The Big Easy Offer 8 may vary from the estimate produced by the calculator. Customers and partners should refer to the terms and conditions of the Big Easy Offer 8 at for a full understanding of the partner subsidy dollar amount. It is possible for a user to generate incorrect partner subsidy dollar estimates through this tool depending on the accuracy of the data entered.


  1. Can VARs who have registered in the FY12 H2 VAR Rebate Program combine the Big Easy Offer 8 with their corresponding VAR Rebate?


Yes, the VAR rebate payout is based on the revenue of US first year billings (non-recurring), so Big Easy Offer 8 purchases contribute.


  1. Tier 3 Cloud Champion Club members receive additional Partner of Record advisor fees for online services. Can they leverage The Big Easy Offer 8 to earn additional fees?


Yes, Tier 3 Cloud Champion Club members can use The Big Easy Offer 8 to earn additional promotional incentives. They need to ensure that their Big Easy Offer 8 customers assign them as the Partner of Record when purchasing a new online services subscription.


  1. What happens if a MOSA customer unsubscribes from the service?


Per the cancellation policy for Office 365, Windows Intune and Dynamics CRM Online, customers can cancel their subscription within 30 days of purchase without incurring a cancellation fee. Cancellation of the service will not change customers’ obligation to pay any charges due on their billing account. For this reason, processing of customer submissions for online services will be delayed for 33 days after the date of purchase. The SLA for check fulfillment for online services is 8-10 weeks from date of subsidy redemption. (The payout for O365 P1 will be calculated as a percentage of an annual subscription, even though the service contract is month-to-month.)


  1. What is the SLA for check fullillment for on-premise product purchases?

6-8 weeks from date of subsidy redemption. If the customer redeems for both on-premise products and online services, the customer may receive two separate checks – one for on-premise products, and another one for online services.

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