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Ready to Go Rewards NEW

Microsoft Ready-to-Go Marketing is your online marketing toolbox. As a Microsoft Partner, you have access to a vast selection of pre-made solution and activity-specific marketing materials to help you reach your customers.

Look for items marked with or click on any of the active promotions below to see a list of all qualifying activities that will help you earn Rewards.

How to earn your Rewards points

It’s easy to earn Rewards points. Just follow these three simple steps:

1. Find a qualifying activity– Click on a promotion below to see a list of all activities

2. Download and use the materials– Certain materials allow you to come back and show
us how they have helped your business to earn even more points.

3. Redeem your points for Rewards in the Marketplace Catalog– Browse the catalog for the item(s)
that interest you and place your order using the points you have earned.

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San Jose just added to schedule….

The Windows Server 2012 Community Roadshow is coming!

Sponsored by Microsoft, Dell, HP, and GITCA.

Austin, TX May 29, 2012
Houston, TX June 1, 2012
Chicago, IL June 4, 2012
Seattle, WA June 5, 2012
Portland, OR June 6, 2012
Irvine, CA June 8, 2012
Minneapolis, MN June 11, 2012
Charlotte, NC June 11, 2012
Washington, DC June 15, 2012
New York, NY June 18, 2012
San Diego, CA June 19, 2012
Boston, MA June 27, 2012




Learn What’s Hot and New in Windows Server 2012!

Microsoft MVPs bring you all you need to know about Windows Server 2012.

Sponsored by Microsoft, Dell, HP, and GITCA. Join the industry experts at a Windows Server 2012 Community Roadshow that will keep you up to date and ahead of the pack!

· Build your private cloud, offer private cloud services, or securely connect to public cloud services.

· Increase your efficiency, availability, and manageability.

· Leverage an open application and web platform for the datacenter and the cloud.

· Provide secure access to your personalized work environment from anywhere.

This event will showcase presentations and demos from Microsoft MVPs on the following topics:

· Manageability

· Simplifies configuration processes

· Improved management of multi-server environments

· Role-centric dashboard and integrated console

· Simplifies administration process of multi-server environments with Windows PowerShell 3.0

· Virtualization

· More secure multi-tenancy

· Flexible infrastructure, when and where you need it

· Scale, performance, and density

· High availability

· Storage and Availability

· Reduces planned maintenance downtime

· Addresses the causes of unplanned downtime

· Increases availability for services and applications

· Increases operational efficiency and lower costs

· Networking

· Manage private clouds more efficiently

· Link private clouds with public cloud services

· Connect users more easily to IT resources

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Selling versus Marketing

This article is a must read, that was recommended to me by Dave Mosby. I’ve included his contact info in case you want to reach out to him directly.

Dave Mosby

Co-Author, The Paradox of Excellence

Executive Director, Keiretsu Forum Entrepreneur Academy

Clifton Strengths:

2001 – Strategic|Individualization|Relator|Responsibility|Command

2011 – Individualization|Activator|Maximizer|Self-Assurance|Futuristic


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Announcing the Office 365 Fast-Track $50,000 Sweepstakes!

Microsoft Office 365 Fast-Track $50,000 Sweepstakes

Learn more below
Dear Partner,

There’s no better time than right now to sell Microsoft Office 365 because now you could be eligible to win up to $50,000 in the Fast-Track $50,000 Sweepstakes! As your Business Development Manager I wanted to let you know about this new sweepstakes so you can start taking advantage of it right away. Why is now the right time to start selling Office 365? With complimenting offers in the market like the Big Easy Offer 8, where customers earn up to 15% in subsidy payout on qualifying Microsoft Online Service purchases, and up to a 20% price drop in Office 365, the opportunities are huge!

Promotion Details

Drive a minimum of 2 new customer subscriptions, with 10 seats or more, of Microsoft Office 365 to US based SMB commercial customers through June 15, 2012 and you are automatically eligible for a chance to win the following prizes:

• Grand Prize for $50,000 (1 awarded)

• First Prizes for $5,000 (8 awarded)

Eligibility Requirements

As a Cloud Essentials partner actively enrolled in the Microsoft Partner Network, and not a member of the US SMB Cloud Champions Club, you are eligible for this promotion. See attachment to read the full Official Promotion Rules.

Next Steps

Learn more about the
Big Easy Offer 8
Create Demand for Office 365 using Ready-to-Go Marketing Complete 2 Office 365 deals to automatically enter!

For questions about the program email the program team, or read the attached Official Promotion Rules. Please let me know if you have any questions about this new promotion, as I’ll be glad to setup some time to chat with you.



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Suzanne Lavine – Microsoft Corporation

Partner Territory Manager – Northern California/NV

Commercial Small/Mid Market & Partner Focus

VOIP: 415.972.6434

Email : suzl

Mobile : 510.703.4220

My Blog:

Office 365 Fast-Track 50000 Sweepstakes Official Rules.pdf

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Repost from Diane Golshan – NEW PARTNER PORTAL

I am delighted to announce that starting today, there’s a new online destination for partners in the United States. The design, features, and functionality of your new Microsoft partner portal address the most common partner feedback about the partner website, and make it easier to find relevant information and resources as well as get answers to your questions with robust support functionality.

The design of the new partner site is cleaner and more consistent with other Microsoft sites, and uses graphics and links to better organize content and display to you available content. Throughout the site, we recommend links to content relevant to a specific page that are most commonly used by partners or that reflect new or updated information.

My Top Five Favorite New Site Features

While I want to give you an opportunity to visit the site and experience it for yourself, here are a few of my favorite new site features and functionality:

  1. Connection to Microsoft Partner Network support from every site page. At the top of each page, you’ll see “Contact Microsoft Partner Network.” Click “Microsoft Partner Network” and go directly to the Partner Network Support gateway. There, you can use our automated support agent, or connect to a live agent during business hours.
  2. “Downloads” is now a specific section of the site, and accessible from the top bar, making it easy to get to and utilize your software benefits obtained through attaining competencies or purchasing a subscription.
  3. Each of the site categories, listed across the top, has a short menu of the most commonly used information related to that topic. Want to go straight to the Partner Online Technical Communities? Simply click Support, then choose “Support communities” from the menu. Need to pass assessments to attain a competency? In the Training menu, select “Pass assessments” and go straight to that page. Looking for information related to serving public sector customers? From Community, click “Public sector” and see links to Education, Government, Health and Life Sciences.
  4. The Partner Learning Center page (Training > Partner Learning Center) includes a nifty list of the latest training courses and links you directly to them on the Partner Learning Center.
  5. Site search works beautifully, and we have added search within each category, too. I have used both extensively over the past several weeks as we have been working to add U.S.-specific content to the site, and have been really pleased with how accurate the results are. And, if your preferred way to find content is through external search sites like Bing, the site is optimized for that, too.

I hope you will enjoy using the new partner portal, and find that it is a much-improved online experience that lets you get to the information and resources you need to manage your relationship with Microsoft, strengthen your Microsoft practice, and grow your business. Before you head out to the new site ( to check it out, here are a couple of things to know:

  • Confirm that your default partner portal site is the United States site. This link:, will take you directly to the new U.S. home page, but you may want to click at the top of your browser window where it says “United States” and select United States from the locator menu to set this as your default portal.
  • You will have the best experience when you sign in with Windows Live ID. If you have trouble signing in, click “Contact Microsoft Partner Network” at the top of the page to access support.
  • You will still manage your Microsoft Partner Network membership in the Partner Membership Center, but you will find better instructions about what you need to do within the Membership section of the new site. And, support is close at hand, through the Contact Microsoft Partner Network link.
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Certification Discounts – Act NOW!

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Ever wondered about Virtualization Right for Windows??

Virtualization rights for Windows can be accomplished through Software Assurance for Windows (which gets you Windows 7 Enterprise Edition that includes virtualization rights), or through the Windows Virtual Access license through Volume Licensing. We have a PDF available that discusses Windows virtualization benefits in Software Assurance here: and we have a page on Windows virtualization licensing here: In addition, we have an all-up Windows (including Server) Virtualization licensing page here:

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