quick note from Vancouver

04 Jun

Walked all around Victoria yesterday, went on tour of Parliament building. Canada is a late bloomer didn’t have current version of their flag  till 1965! Victoria is really clean and groomed.

Took cab to ferry for Vancouver, didn’t realise how far it would be. We followed our bike ride but on the freeway. Ferry ride very pleasant on Big Boat (well ferry), little more than 1.5 hr, another cab ride to hotel.

I have official hedge evy, everywhere HUGE hedges of every kind of evergreen. Hotel downtown. Walked to local version of Market of Choice for dinner stuff in room since have stove and microwave. Off to hike Stanley Park, then catch VIA rail at 8:30 pm to Jasper. Am so excited about first overnight on train.

+ Back from walk around Stanley Park and return walk to hotel, hoofed about 4 or 5 miles. Taking little break and then thinking of taking advantage of free bikes at hotel (don’t want to assemble/disassemble ours) to ride for a while = kill time till shuttle to train station.

Vancouver is much larger than I remember, although lots of parks and old, large trees. So it feels not as dense as it is, high rises everywhere. We have seen, walking the neighborhoods lots of beatifully restored Victorians. Also very clean. Everywhere we’ve walked you have views of mountains, and they are mostly snow covered, at least the peaks are. Weather is surprising us, every day has been very sunny so far, hoping our luck holds across Canada!!

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