10pds of S@+T in 5pds space

20 Jun

Picture typical, small hotel room – then imagine 2 double beds, 2 lounging chairs with round table, desk and chair, chest of drawers, night stand, 3 huge samsonite suitcases, 3 backpacks (big, full sized), 3 day packs, AND 3 bikes!!! There is no space to spare, oh yes, and no room for Joe’s size 14 feet. Somehow we seem to be able to organize all that stuff and still have room to squeeze past. 

Today we had breakfast at hotel, a break from our typical granola (which we have bought two large bags of so far) and yoghurt (we always find grocer 1st thing in new city), and we also travel with small containers of soy milk and tea bags. Breakfast was Pacific eggs (like eggs benedict but with salmon) for Joe and Jan, eggs Florentine (spinach version)for me, while watching 1939 movie at restaurant. Now we’ve packed and just hanging around to catch bus to train station for continuing to Montreal, a two hour trip. 

Really enjoyed Ottawa, and would come back here again, especially with bike. Have to say, we are very lucky, having gorgeous weather. It has been mostly sunny 65 – 70, great for biking. 

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