Finally got it right!

23 Jun

Wouldn’t you know it! It’s getting toward the end of trip and getting it down on  how to best get around. Asked about buses at rail station ($3 cdn versus usually~$24 for cab, besides it’s really hard for us to fit in taxi unless it’s a van and not too many of those available) for a bus that would get us within 7 – 10 min walk to hotel, on bus asked driver and he gave us info on better connection by tranferring to another bus which ended up dropping us off right in front of hotel. Again we’re outside of town (approx 12 km) so quiet and we are in hotel where you can open windows and have pool (which we swam in after day of traveling). Did a grocery run for breakfaxxdst, picnic and dinner (salad) stuff, picked up to go pizza and had lots of wine (Joe had Leffe, Belgian beer) and chocolate chip cookies.  So we walked, railed, and bused today!

All of us are resting in bed, watching Netflix. Jan and I are watching The Big C,which is laugh outloud funny. Joe’s watching some macho action flick.

Books: after reading 3 autobiographies have moved to sci-fi romance tromp, very engaging, mindless and entertaining. Linnea Sinclair, Shades of Dark.

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