Les Chutes des Montmonency

26 Jun

After a wild night of thunderstorms, we jumped on our bikes yesterday to head east on the Route Verte 5. These green route paths offer over 3000 km of paved bike paths! No cars!!

Another city, Quebec, that we love. Great bike and walking paths. And on Monday which was National Holiday we saw how people take advantage of these paths. My theory is cities with these areas, like Ottawa and Quebec, have people who get outside more and that makes for happier people. In both these cities we’ve met wonderfully helpful and friendly people.

Back to yesterday’s outing. We set out to go see the Falls of Montmonency which was supposed to be approximately 16 km from hotel, past Old Town. So we headed out and after biking 12 miles we hit a deadend for the bike path. We missed a turn, but did get to ride along the Charles River, which was very scenic. It turned out to be a pretty humid and hot day. So by the time we got to the Falls we were hot and sweaty. These Falls are higher than Niagara but not as wide, still a pretty sight. 

Ate our picnic lunch, including a Leffe for Joe. I’ll admit to swiping a few sips, and off we rode home. BUT by now there was a nasty headwind. After 32 miles we finally made it back to the hotel, salt encrusted and ready for the pool. Boy, did that feel good. 

The plan was then to take bus downtown, have dinner and then get in line to see free Cirq du Soleil (twice a week they have 45 min free show). All went as planned until halfway through dinner it turned really cold and windy. Really cold, winter parka cold. Umbrella blow away windy, too. So we headed to Cirq tent after wonderful Italian dinner and saw many people heading our way, show was cancelled due to high winds. Back to the bus stop with wind whipping around us. BTW we refer to ourselves now as the ‘yellow people’ since we each have the same yellow biking jackets. Next to the bus stop was a rarety, a phone booth! So the yellow people squished into the booth to try to stay warm. People and especially kids were very amused when they saw us. 

Again, we had excellent timing. Back in the hotel roomwith glasses of wine/beer in hand, the skies opened up to wild, windy downpour. The wind has continued all night so we’re having a quiet day hanging at hotel. Agenda of reading, consuming vast amounts of tea, eating, pack up bikes and head to town via bus early evening for 8 pm overnight trainto Moncton. Am sad, this is our last train ride. In Moncton will rent car to drive to PEI (Prince Edward Island) then on to Halifax. Not sure if we will have internet on PEI.

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