Going backwards

29 Jun

We started the day on PEI, Charlottetown and ended in Halifax,Nova Scotia. After breakfast we drove towards the Confederation Bridge and decided to take detour to see a little more of the island. Made stop at astonishing beach with RED sand! Walked the beach and tide pools, just beautiful. Jan found a few shells to take home and we found souvenier rock and some beach glass, gorgeous, green glass that the ocean has smooth the edges.

Drove around some more and were very impressed by very well maintained properties and quaint farm houses. Fields on PEI are either red red from clay or green green from rain. Wildflowers galore. Something else on PEI, the red lights are square shaped, yellow is triangular, and green round.

Headed back towards bridge but had to stop at Subway and pick up Lobster sandwich. Crossed bridge after paying $44.50 (yikes) and headed to Truro, known for the tides and bore ( high, often dangerous wave caused by the surge of a flood tide upstream in a narrowing estuary or by colliding tidal currents). By now it was drizzling and periodically raining again. Found hotel in Halifax which located on Chocolate Lake. Cocoa, the official greeter at the hotel, said hi (she’s a chocolate lab!!) Got settled in and went to town where we walked along wharf and found the brewery. Also, did stop at tourist office and found out there is Tattoo performance (Scottish dancing and music – Joe and I had wanted to see when we were in Scotland but timing off) got tickets for tomorrow.

Forgot to mention that Jan saw a moose during our last train ride!!!

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