30 Jun

Nah, we did not get tattoos! We went and saw the Royal Nova Scotia Tattoo performance. First though, first thing today we went to the Citadel. It was one of the most interesting and impressive military displays we have seen. we decided to not do the guided tour but walked the many rooms on our own, in each was a person dressed in 1840 ish military attire and they would explain what the room represented and their roles, clothing, anything; as if theywere an 1840’s person answering. It was slightly drizzling all morning but at one point the skies opened up. We saw classrooms with slates and ink pens, sleeping quarters and prison. 

Left citadel to grab quick lunch and then on to Tattoo, which included 1500 performers. It was sort of like River Dance meets military marching band competition meets circus. Amazingly good. They honored Shady Hook, Veterans from around the world and the Queen. (We have been continually surprised by how much Queen Elizabeth is integrated into Canadian politics and life.

After performance, weather was mostly dry so we walked around cemetery from 1800’s and the wharf area. Tomorrow is our last full day and planning on Maritime museum, not sure what else – weather dependent.

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